It all started with a need
and a little curiosity.

My experience in building websites stemmed from a local ministry’s need for a digital presence. I volunteered to lead the research initiative and ultimately implemented the site on Squarespace. My experience with Squarespace seeded a curiosity in me that has grown over years, and now my desire is to dive full steam ahead in front end devlopment. I have focused on developing solutions rooted in Squarespace, WordPress, Contentful, and other custom-developed content management systems, but my goal has always remained: put the content first and allow users to manage it with simplicity. I believe that bringing this mindset as a front end developer will benefit those I work with.

Recent Work

Travel Site

A web app template built the React.js library. Created contact form using JSX syntax to handle changes as users import data and alerts user of form submission while clearing that data upon completion. [live site] [github]

Micro Site

A mini site built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (jQuery). Applied javascript for a horizonatl scrolling expereince as opposed totraditional vertical scrolling Used Javascript to allow hidden forms fields on contact form. [live site]

Online Store

A demo site built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Vanilla JS used to make entire store intereactive. Store funcitonality includes addiing itmes with the ability to increse quatity. Removing unwanted items and the abiltiuy to see running totals as items are actively added and removed from cart. [live site] [github]

Counseling Website - WordPress

Created a complex full-scale website using the WordPress CMS. Functionality inclueds class registration, recieveing donations and a an additonal event calendar. Designed and developed using the Hello Theme which is a vanilla theme linked to the Elementor Page Builder. Added custom HTML and CSS throughout for custom functionality [live site]

Standard Website Template

A website used for example purposes. Skills used HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Javascript used for mobile nav menu animation.

Single Landing Page

A landing page for a book promotion. Skills used HTML and CSS

Movie Search App - React

Movie Search app using React and TMDB movie database API

Photo Gallery App

Photo Gallery app using React and Pixabay photo library API

Sign Up Form

Sign up form using Neomorphism. Skills used HTML and CSS

Demo Travel Site Page

Sample travel site Skills used HTML, Flexbox and SCSS

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